It is always our objective to try and capture the peak moments of play in any sport, but because of the different obstacles faced such as time, film, budget, direction of motion in relation with photographer position and the need for facial clarity, the possibility of such photos being present in your selection of proofs exists but should not be expected. The combination of many factors affecting action sports photography and the realization of its unpredictability and unstaged quality must be somewhat understood before one can truly appreciate this type of photography. The client will not demand a pre-visualized image but may make suggestions as to the type of photos they like i.e. Close up, action more important than facial clarity etc..

Sports One Photography guarantees that the technical qualities (sharp focus, colours, movement, depiction of sport, facial clarity) of the images presented for selection will be of satisfactory quality to the client or a full refund will be honoured if proofs are returned or notification of such is made within 48 hours of receiving proofs.


Sports One Photography takes great pride in providing its’ clients with action photos second to none. In saying this, some clarification must be made as to the type of images provided. The client must understand the dynamics of action photography are such that a quality photograph can not be judged by how near it comes to copying a preconceived image visualized by the client, but rather by the merit of the image itself. This is unstaged photography.

Client Responsibilities

The client is responsible for conditions which may affect the image. Example: long hair which may block the face should be tied back, anti fog applied to any visor as to prevent glare from the photographer’s light source. These and any other factors controlled by the client which may be deemed as to affect the final image in adverse way will void any refund. The client must also understand Sports One Photography can only record on film images that reflect the level of play and experience the subject has presently attained. In understanding action photography, the goal of the Photographer is to capture images where the client is clearly the main subject, but not necessarily the lone subject in the image. Many factors not familiar to most clients are normal in action photography and in some instances add to the impact of the final enlargement. Therefore, the client must keep an open mind and speak with the photographer when judging the merit of the photo shoot. It is understood Sports One Photography will provide to the client a variety of proofs (3-6) depicting the subject in the typical fashion of the sport with the most emphasis placed on the images that combine facial clarity and motion.